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MahaShivRatri (an extraordinary night of Lord Shiva)

Shivji Raudra roopMaha Shivratri, which actually means “extraordinary night of Shiva” is a Hindu celebration generally celebrated in India and additionally in Nepal. The celebration is praised on the new moon day in the month of Maagha as per the Hindu logbook. The day is praised to revere Lord Shiva, an essential god in Hindu society.   There are numerous legendary legends connected with this day.

Shiva Lingam 44
As indicated by a prominent legend, when a seeker couldn’t discover anything to execute for his sustenance in a timberland, he attended to the limb of a Woodapple tree. To draw in deer, he began tossing the leaves of the tree on the ground, ignorant that there was a Shiva Lingam underneath the tree. Satisfied with the Woodapple leaves and the persistence of the seeker, it is accepted that Lord Shiva showed up before the seeker and favored him with insight. From that day onwards, the seeker quit consuming meat.

Maha Shivratri festival  An alternate legend has it that after the Earth was confronted with a fast approaching decimation, Goddess Parvati swore with Lord Shiva to spare the world. Satisfied with her petitions to God, Lord Shiva consented to spare the world on the affection that the populace of the Earth would need to love him with commitment and energy. From that day onwards, the night came to be known as Maha Shivratri and individuals started revering Shiva with an incredible eagerness.   Some fables likewise consider this to be Shiva’s day as this was accepted to be the response given by Lord Shiva when gotten some information about his most loved day by Goddess Parvati.   Maha Shivratri is a Hindu celebration which is praised by individuals after Hinduism in India. Individuals regularly quick on the night of Shivratri and sing psalms and acclaims for the sake of Lord Shiva.

Hindu sanctuaries the nation over are enlivened with lights and brilliant embellishments and individuals could be seen offering night long requests to God to Shiva Lingam. Woodapple leaves, chilly water and milk are offered to the Shiva Lingam on this day as they are accepted to be Lord Shiva’s top choice.

kanwaryatra11  It is accepted that the individuals who quick on this night and offer requests to God to Lord Shiva bring good fortunes into their life. The most well known Maha Shivratri festivals occur in Ujjain, accepted to be the spot of home of Lord Shiva. Substantial parades are done all through the city, with individuals thronging the avenues to get a flash of the worshipped icon

Why Sharvan Month is the Holiest Month ?

The Shravan month is brimming with festival days:

1.Naga Panchami ,
5.Narali Purnima,
6.Shravani Purnima,
7.Raksha Bandhan, (August 10) ,
8. Vara Lakshmi Vrata,
9.Sitala Saptami,
10.Krishna Janmasthmi ,
and 12.Teej.
Throughout Shravan, wedded ladies visit their guardians’ home, celebrate Teej there and come back to their homes in time for Raksha Bandhan.

Teej is a green celebration that commends the downpour. Ladies and young ladies spruce up in conventional garments and improve their hands with mehendi or henna. Playing on the swing outside is a typical movement throughout in the not so distant future. Extraordinary sweetmeats are ready and consumed.

There are three sorts of Teej. In Hariyali Teej, ladies wear green garments and offer requests to God to the moon and to Radha and Krishna. At that point comes Kajari Teej which is commended in the Krishna Paksha or dim a large portion of the month. Ladies sing reverential melodies and assemble close to a Neem tree and offer requests to God. Hartalika Teej is commended in excess of three days. On the second day, ladies keep a nirjal or no-water quick, appealing to God for the long life and thriving of their mates.

Naag-Panchami which falls on the fifth day of Shravan and is held to pay tribute to Nagas or snakes. Gujarat this day indicates the reappearance of Krishna from the Yamuna River in the wake of beating the snake Kaliya. Master Krishna herders commended the Naga panchmi day by treating Kaliya with milk as an appreciation for not hurting their adored Krishna. There is much legends regarding snake clique.

Rishi Panchmi saw upon the arrival of Shravan full moon, stars other than the planets are venerated. In Vedic times it was accepted that the spirits of certain left incredible sages of the earth were accepted to possess certain stars, the most popular being the heavenly body Ursa Major i.e.the seven brightest stars of the north (The Great Bear). Later, the diviners got related to the stars they occupied. The seven loved on Rishi Fifth are – Kasyapa, Atri, Bharadvaja, Visvamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni and Vashishta.


  • In 2014 Nag Panchami is on 1st August

    SNAKE DAY” Nag-Panchami” the celebration of snakes.on the fifth day of the splendid 50% of Shravan month of Hindu timetable, individuals venerate the snake or bother. The day is known as Nag Panchami.on this day, Milk and cooked rice is offered to snakes conveyed by snake charmers. Dirt snakes are brought home to be venerated and drenched in the ocean/ stream at night.jeffisgr8t-2120108

    Serpents are adored on Shravan Shukla Panchami. On this day, on both the sides of entryway 2 symbols of serpents are made of cowdung.in this promise, individuals quick on the Panchami day and take nourishment just at night.nag_panchami_puja_ubcvz_Indya101(dot)com

    Individuals visit sanctuaries uniquely devoted to snakes and love them. Shiva sanctuaries are additionally supported spots for worshiping as snakes are viewed as dear to him. Some go to love the snake which is accepted to be stowing away in the openings of ant colony dwelling places.

    Alternately else a five hood snake is made by blending “gandh” (a fragrant pigment),”haladi” (turmeric powder), “chandan” (shoe) and “kesar” (saffron) and put on a metal plate and adored.

    Taking after are the stories associated with the festival of this day :

    Krishna and the Kaliya Snake : Once Young Krishna was playing with alternate cowhands, when abruptly the ball got snared in the high limb of a tree. Krishna volunteered to climb the tree and get the ball. Anyway underneath the tree there was a profound piece of the waterway Yamuna, in which the horrendous snake Kaliya was existing. Everyone was anxious about that piece of the stream.nag_panchami Abruptly Krishna tumbled from the tree into the water. At that point that shocking snake came up. However Krishna was prepared and hopping on the snake’s head he got it by the neck. Kaliya comprehended that Krishna was not a common kid, and that it would not be not difficult to overcome him. So Kaliya begged Krishna: “Kindly, don’t slaughter me.” Krishna brimming with sympathy asked the snake to guarantee that from now on he would not hassle anyone. At that point he let the snake go free into the stream once more. Abruptly Krishna tumbled from the tree into the water. At that point that horrendous snake came up. Anyway Krishna was prepared and hopping on the snake’s head he got it by the neck. Kaliya comprehended that Krishna was not a normal kid, and that it would not be not difficult to overcome him. So Kaliya begged Krishna: “Kindly, don’t murder me.” Krishna brimming with sympathy asked the snake to guarantee that hence he would not annoy anyone. At that point he let the snake go free into the stream once more.nag_panchmi_fest_01

    The Snake and the Farmer : A rancher was furrowing his field. At the edge of the field there was an ant colony dwelling place which he unintentionally wrecked with the furrow, and accordingly the youthful serpents that were stowing away in it were executed. The mother snake had easily gone out. When she returned she couldn’t discover her young ones. Finally she discovered them cut into pieces. She was enraged and comprehended that the agriculturist had executed them. She was determined to taking retribution. Around evening time when the rancher was dozing with his wife and youngsters, the snake came loaded with outrage. She started to chomp the feet of the agriculturist, and after that one by one the feet of his wife and kids. All started to shout. Anyway the eldest little girl happened to be out of the house that night. At that point the snake recalled that on the event of her wedding, the young lady had gone to the place of her father-in-law. “I won’t save her either,” the snake determined. The snake ran towards the neighboring town. She halted before the entryway of a house, and saw a young person inside. She remembered her as the rancher’s eldest little girl. The snake went in resolved to chomp her. In any case then she saw the young person with joint hands adoring the snake she had made out of “gandh”, and the nine “nagkule” (youthful snakes). She had offered them “nagane” (gram drenched and dried), “lahya” (rice extinguished by drying), and “durva” (grass sacrosanct to Ganpati), and she was imploring with extraordinary dedication, “O God Snake, don’t be irate in the event that I have conferred any oversight. Acknowledge my love. Care for my kin at home and in my father-in-law’s home. Don’t nibble anybody.                                                                                     images (2)
    Overlook any issue we may have submitted coincidentally.” With this the snake was satisfied and preceded the young lady. She opened her eyes and got scared at the sight of the snake. Be that as it may the snake said, “Don’t be apprehensive. I should not nibble you. Let me know who you are and where your home is.” Then the snake knew well that the young lady was the rancher’s little girl and felt extremely sad for having murdered all her kin. The snake told the young lady what had happened, yet let her know not to holler. She provided for her some nectar and let her know to sprinkle it on her dead individuals, and with this they all returned to life.