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Katha (Story) of Monday quick (Somvar vrat) goes thusly:-

Some time ago, a rich moneylender used to live in a spot. He had Shiva Lingam snapsriches and material solaces. At the same time stand out ache beset his heart that he was without the youngsters. He and his wife frantically needed any kid who can proceed with their descendants. Yet there was no youngster in his fate. He was additionally an extraordinary aficionado of Lord Shiva, and routinely used to visit Shiv sanctuary on every Monday. One day Goddess Parvati (wife of Lord Shiva) asked for Lord Shiva about listening to petitions to God of that enthusiast. Watching significant dedication of that enthusiast, Lord Mahadev favored and offered him an infant kid. At the same time that offering was with one condition that the tyke will get by till 12 years just. After the conception of that youngster, everybody was genuinely blissful aside from that moneylender in light of the fact that he realized that his kid had just 12 years of life. Following 11 years, the moneylender thought to send his kid to the home of maternal uncle in Kashi for fruition of instruction. Moneylender was mindful about the passing of his kid. Anyhow he never broke his commitment towards Lord Shiva. He, actually, prompted his kid and kid’s maternal uncle to offer yangya, pooja to Lord Shiva. Maternal uncle and that kid began their excursion towards home. What’s more in all hallowed places conceivable and offered yagya, pooja and offered gift to Brahmin. In their excursion they saw a wedding function. Also in light of the fact that the husband to be in the function had surrender in one eye, luckily this kid got to be prep and got hitched to a young lady of a rich agent. Yet that kid needed to run with maternal uncle for finish of instruction so he went to Kashi. One day when maternal uncle was orchestrating a sacrosanct service for yagya, pooja and for offering gift to Brahmin, that kid felt sick. Furthermore in light of his ailment, his maternal uncle let him know to take rest and slip at room. At the same time as the kid had finished his 12 years old, he had gave-up his life. At the point when maternal uncle saw him dead he was in agony yet considered finishing the sacrosanct function first. Luckily, Mata Parvati and Bhagawan Shiv were passing through their home and saw all relatives yelling. As the kid, his guardians, and maternal uncle had gigantically indicated extraordinary dedication towards Lord Shiva and did huge devout work, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati offered life to that kid, at the end of the day. What’s more along these lines that kid returned back home with his lady. Discovering him alive his guardians were happy and thanked to Mahadev.


In like manner, if any individual healthily does Monday quick or love of Lord Shiva they get enormous endowments of Mahadev. Ruler Shiva surely fulfills all wishes of his enthusiasts. Om Nahah Shivay! Jai Mahadev!