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Why Sharvan Month is the Holiest Month ?

The Shravan month is brimming with festival days:

1.Naga Panchami ,
5.Narali Purnima,
6.Shravani Purnima,
7.Raksha Bandhan, (August 10) ,
8. Vara Lakshmi Vrata,
9.Sitala Saptami,
10.Krishna Janmasthmi ,
and 12.Teej.
Throughout Shravan, wedded ladies visit their guardians’ home, celebrate Teej there and come back to their homes in time for Raksha Bandhan.

Teej is a green celebration that commends the downpour. Ladies and young ladies spruce up in conventional garments and improve their hands with mehendi or henna. Playing on the swing outside is a typical movement throughout in the not so distant future. Extraordinary sweetmeats are ready and consumed.

There are three sorts of Teej. In Hariyali Teej, ladies wear green garments and offer requests to God to the moon and to Radha and Krishna. At that point comes Kajari Teej which is commended in the Krishna Paksha or dim a large portion of the month. Ladies sing reverential melodies and assemble close to a Neem tree and offer requests to God. Hartalika Teej is commended in excess of three days. On the second day, ladies keep a nirjal or no-water quick, appealing to God for the long life and thriving of their mates.

Naag-Panchami which falls on the fifth day of Shravan and is held to pay tribute to Nagas or snakes. Gujarat this day indicates the reappearance of Krishna from the Yamuna River in the wake of beating the snake Kaliya. Master Krishna herders commended the Naga panchmi day by treating Kaliya with milk as an appreciation for not hurting their adored Krishna. There is much legends regarding snake clique.

Rishi Panchmi saw upon the arrival of Shravan full moon, stars other than the planets are venerated. In Vedic times it was accepted that the spirits of certain left incredible sages of the earth were accepted to possess certain stars, the most popular being the heavenly body Ursa Major i.e.the seven brightest stars of the north (The Great Bear). Later, the diviners got related to the stars they occupied. The seven loved on Rishi Fifth are – Kasyapa, Atri, Bharadvaja, Visvamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni and Vashishta.