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kanwar-yatra-haridwarAs the sacred month of Shravan starts, the tremendously anticipated Kanwar Yatra is likewise all situated for the month long function and loving master Shiva. Kanwarias are the ones who convey enriched “Kanwar” or shaft on their shoulder with the secured water pots adjusted on its two finishes. The reasonable, one of the greatest religious gatherings of north India, pulls in excess of 1.25 crores Shiva lovers. The yatra is not simply bound to men. Countless additionally partake in the profound adventure. Individuals pick to go on the Kanwar yatra with some wish or plan.kanwar yatra

The custom is that the water pot should not touch the ground work the time of sancification. NGO’s set up temporary stands where the pots could be kept and set up sustenance and therapeutic stalls to coddle the Kanwarias.

The profile of a normal kanwaria is changing and individuals from wealthier areas, including business people are embraced the adventure.kanwaryatra11

Why kanwarias offer Ganges water in the Shravan month?

There are a few samples in mythology:

a. The custom of convey Kanwar began in the Treta Yuga. Ruler Rama had conveyed the blessed Ganges water from Sultanganj in a kanwar and offered to Lord Shiva at Babadham.

b. At the point when the agitating of seas – Samudra Manthan – occurred in the month of Shravan, fourteen separate sorts of rubies turned out. Thirteen of these were appropriated amongst the evil presences, aside from Halahal (toxin). Ruler Shiva drank the Halahal and put away it in his throat. Subsequently the name Neelkantha (importance blue throat) is ascribed to Shiva. To lessen the solid impact of toxic substance, Lord Shiva wore the sickle moon on his head. All the Gods from there on began offering the Ganges water to Lord Shiva to reduce the impact of toxic substance. Since, this happened in the month of Shravan, from that point forward the Shiva enthusiasts offer the Ganges water in the not so distant future.2332_S_kanwad3l

c. As indicated by the Puranas, the daemon ruler Ravana had brought the Ganges water from Haridwar and offered to Lord Shiva.

In mythology Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh connotes the controllers of begin of a work, doing the work and finishing the work separately (inventor, coordinator and destroyer or slowing down). Mahesh or Shiva thusly is the controller of any work which needs slowing down. On the off chance that any undertaking is not getting finished we love Lord Shiva for direction.hqdefault

The Kanwar method for love is to enjoy a profound reprieve, unwind, serenade to occupy the brain, go far from the distressing circumstance and on the route ( at har ki pori) you will get Self enthusiasm and plans ( a loose personality is an imaginative personality). Gathering ganga Jal from har ki pori implies gathering those self created positive inventive considerations and convey them once more to your work place for utilization in finishing the remaining undertake._kanwar1