The celebration of Nag Panchami will be praised on fifth Tithi of Shukla Paksha in Shravan Maasa. Not long from now the celebration will fall in Hast nakshtra. This is the celebration of confidence and devotion. Worshiping the master Shiva on this day is viewed as exceptionally propitious.jeffisgr8t-2120108

Claim to fame of Nag Panchmi

As per Vedic soothsaying, the ruler of fifth Tithi is Shiva. As Nag Panchmi falls in Shravan maasa, the work of burrowing the earth is not done in not long from now. Furrowing and sowing is not viewed as promising on Nag Panchmi. This is because of the vicinity of the Nag Devta in the earth, and burrowing can harm him.

Technique of Fasting on Nag Panchmi

Pester Panchmi is additionally celebrated on the fifth Tithi of Krishna Paksha in a few spots of the nation. Individuals keep quick on this day to fulfill Nag Devta. In the wake of fasting for the whole day and when the Sun sets, Kheer is ready as an offering for the love of Nag Devta. This Kheer is initially offered to the Nag Devta or ruler Shiva. Salt and browned things are denied in the sustenance ready in the wake of fasting. We ought to take after all the tenets of fasting on this day.

Festival of Nag Panchmi in South India

In the Southern districts of India, individuals bathe with immaculate oil on Nag Panchmi of Shukla Paksha in Shravan maasa. Unmarried young ladies keep quick and petition God for getting a decent life accomplice.

Arrangement of Consuming Stale Food on Nag Panchmi

Just the nourishment to be utilized amid love is ready upon the arrival of Nag Panchmi. Rest of the sustenance things are ready on the past day. The parts of a family who don’t keep quick are given the stale nourishment to expend. For the most part, individuals get ready Kheer, rice and vermicelli pudding as crisp sustenance things.

nag_panchami_puja_ubcvz_Indya101(dot)comWorshiping the Figure of Nag Devta on the Main Entrance

On Nag Panchmi, the individuals on quick draw the figure of five-headed Nag Devta with cow compost on both the sides of limit of their home. On the off chance that cow waste is not accessible, Geru can likewise be utilized. After that, Nag Devta is worshiped with milk, Durva, Kusha, blooms, crude rice and desserts. The accompanying mantra is likewise recounted amid love:

” Om Kurukulye Hun Fat Swaha”

” ऊँ कुरुकुल्ये हुँ फट स्वाहा”

Wreathing this mantra three times fulfills Nag Devta. Annoy Devta adores the aroma of Sandalwood, accordingly, we ought to utilize it amid love. White lotus is additionally utilized within the love on this day. Recounting the aforementioned mantra diminishes malefic impacts of ‘Kalsarp Dosha’.

Love of the Goddess Mansa

In Northern India, the goddess Mansa is revered upon the arrival of Nag Panchmi of Shravan Maasa. Mansa is said to be the goddess of snakes. That is the reason, the populace of Bengal, Orissa and different locales love the goddess Mansa on this promising day.

Lessening of Malefic Effects of Kalsarp Dosha

The individuals who have Kalsarp Dosha in their introduction to the world diagram, ought to keep quick and love as indicated by the aforementioned methodology upon the arrival of Nag Panchmi. It will lessen the malefic impacts of this yoga and yield great results.

Exercises Prohibited on Nag Panchmi

We ought not offer milk to the snakes on Nag Panchmi in light of the fact that it may be lethal for Nag Devta. Anyway we